Cotswold Architectural Dressings

These are specialist, bespoke products which are sawn and then hand finished or carved by our master masons. We are able to work from detailed drawings or work with clients early in the design process in order to fulfil specific requirements.

Cotswold Stone Bay Windows

Made to clients specifications including angled, curved and semi-circular bays

Cotswold Stone Arched Windows

Our masons will hand carve arched windows to individual requirements to include arched lintels, keystones, jambs and cills. Lintels, cills, mullions and transoms Lintels and cills are horizontal stone sections used to bridge an opening in a wall for a door or window. Mullions are vertical stones used between glass sections of multi-light windows and transoms are their horizontal counterparts.

Cotswold Stone Door Surrounds

As with windows we can design and produce a wide variety of door surrounds to the clients specifications, including a range of mouldings for jambs, lintels and arches.

Cotswold Stone Label Mould & Kneelers

These are carved, moulded sections used to form a horizontal, projected barrier above a window or door lintel to throw off rain water.

Cotswold Stone Corbels

These are projecting blocks used to support structures such as a canopy over a door surround. They are normally carved to a particular moulding, specified by the client.

Cotswold Stone String Course

These are either a horizontal course or moulding which projects from the surface of a wall in the same way that a label mould works. They add aesthetic, architectural value to a building and are common in the Cotswolds.

Cotswold Stone Cornice

This moulded or weathered horizontal course is normally positioned on top of a wall to again form an architectural feature of a building.

Cotswold Stone Pier Caps & Finials

Caps are usually large moulded stones used at the top of a pier and often incorporating both a ball and finial. These can also be used to form a premier ornamental feature above a gate pier, spire or gable end.

Cotswold Stone Date and Name Stones

Our masons can carve date or namestones for your property to your specifications. Family crests or coats of arms are also available on request.

Cotswold Stone Plinth Course

A plinth course projects at the foot of a wall or column. They are typically chamfered or carved to a specified moulding.

Cotswold Stone Quoins

Quoins are dressed, sawn six sides stones which are used to add definition and strength to the the corners and angles of buildings. They are also used to form window and door surrounds as an alternative to straight jambs.

Cotswold Stone Coping Stone

This is a protective course of masonry used for capping walls and gables. It is normally weathered and can also incorporate a moulding. Balustrades These are carved stone balusters, pilasters or vertical supports for a carved handrail or coping.

Cotswold Stone Columns

A classical architectural feature which can be made to your specification, based on traditional designs.

Cotswold Stone Chimney & Capping

Our masons can handcraft all chimney components including ashlar blocks, weathered or string courses and moulded caps.